8S0HRA - The Icebraker S/S St Erik

QSL-information: QSL for 8S0HRA via bureau to SK0QO

The Swedish Museum Ship: Icebreaker S/S Sankt Erik


8SØHRA Icebreaker, Steamship Sankt Erik
We are working with the special call 8SØHRA in the International Museum Ships Weekend by operators from the radio club SKØQO.
The Sankt Erik, Swedens first icebreaker, was built at the Finnboda Shipyard and launched in 1915.
The Sankt Erik has two three-cylinder steam engines. The aft one, which is of 2800 hp, is Swedens largest extant marine steam engine. The fore engine has 1200 hp.
Facts: Length 58,1 m, Width 17 m, Draught 6,5 m, Crew 30.
The ship is registrated and sometimes in traffic as a cruiser with call sign SHRA.

More information: The Maritime Museum

INFO at QRZ   www.qrz.com/db/8s0hra/


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